California wine Region Maps, Winery Profiles, Wine Tasting Road Trip Tools

May 14, 2010

Looking for a source to plan a California wine trip – here is a resource that will help you discover the hidden gems on the back roads. Wine Questers is your answer – learn more here.

Rhone Rangers 13th Annual Grand Tasting Wine Tasting | Brixr – Live Wine Tastings, Wine Reviews

April 1, 2010

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Humanitas Wines

February 22, 2009

Humanitas is a special winery that has a core purpose of giving back to the communities that support the wines. You can learn more about this at No Cookie Cutter Wines

Wine blogger Dave Honig wrote about Humanitas Wines on his wine blog 2 Days per Bottle. Dave provides insight on wines over a two day window. This is helpful as there are many of us who do not finish the bottle on night one. Having someone who has this specific focus is very helpful.

The link to the Humanitas Wine reviews is 2 Days per Bottle.

Thanks Dave for sharing.

Silver Stag Winery

February 4, 2009

Our wine journeys are as unique as every bottle on the shelf. This is  the magic, the mystery and joy of wine. As we enter these new times we all need reasons and methods to find the wines that bring memorable evenings and I believe getting to know the people behind the wines is a great compass to guide the journey.

One family that I have had the joy of interacting with is the Parsley family in Napa. They helped start some of our New Zealand wines in California a few years ago. I recall being at a trade event in Los Angeles with John Parsley, John  came back to our table, looked at the wines on the table and commented on how nice it was to taste wines with balance and elegance. It was a special moment for me.

Today, the family has a small and special vineyard in Napa and produces Silver Stag Napa Cabernet. Below is a little more about the family, the vineyard and goal for what you can expect from the wine.

We gathered over 5 decades of combined family (Harry, Ellen, John, Lil’ Ellen, and Tim) wine knowledge and experience and applied it to every aspect of Silver Stag. untitled

Carefully researching everything from site location and microclimates to rootstock and clonal selection we determined that we had found “IT”, a special and unique place to plant the seeds of our dream – of making one of Napa Valley’s finest Cabernet Sauvignons.

Silver Stag Winery sits on a prime piece of Tulocay acreage in the heart of Napa Valley, just east of the town of Napa and about three miles from the Bay. Planted in plums back at the end of the nineteenth century, the soil is rich enough-and distinct enough-to have earned it consideration as an official viticultural appellation.

The vineyard is defined by a gentle swale that sits at the foot of Mount George. Its microclimate, comparable to “cool Bordeaux”, is a bit warmer than Carneros, but it still feels the marine intrusions flowing up the path of the Napa River. The effect is to extend the time on the vine, yielding smaller berries with less tannin and far more concentration than the Napa average.

Silver Stag has planted the majority of its land in Cabernet Sauvignon, with some Merlot and a few rows of Petit Verdot.

We hope that every time someone shares a glass of Silver Stag Napa Valley Cabernet, they enjoy the experience of one family’s ambition; a truly hand-crafted wine from one of the world’s greatest appellations, made with care and passion.

To find Silver Stag Wines please follow the link to their website.